Grand Parlour University is an online common wealth of public schools that protect and grow the work of the Peripatetic School of Athens. Through our charitable organisation, we empower citizens to grow and protect the truth.



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Grand Parlour University is a student-led institution. It is open to the public, with access granted to all books, lectures and essays.

Whilst the University is student-led, to teach formally requires election into the brotherhood of Mages.

For students wishing to become a Mage, they must add to the Corpus Aristotelicum or emend a work of the Corpus. These works are categorised into the Colleges of the University. 

Works are submitted to the University for evaluation. Should they meet the natural law criteria of the University, the applicant will be awarded with red robes: the symbol of a Mage. In addition to the licence to teach at the University, the applicant may use the title Mage before their name (for instance, Mage John Smith). 

Students elect the twelve members of the College of Mages for life. The Twelve are those who are believed by their peers to be the wisest in their collegial science.

For more information, or to apply, contact cap@romanovpitt.co.uk 

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